How do I get my graze box or tray?

We offer no contact COVID safe delivery. We are based in Ventura. We now offer a flat rate delivery fee for Ventura County. For all other counties, we are happy to provide a delivery quote for you. Delivery is available Monday through Saturday.

What’s in my graze box?

All graze boxes, trays and platters are custom and seasonal. No 2 are ever the same.
You can always count on cheese, cured meats and fresh fruit for charcuterie boxes.
For our veggies + hummus boxes you get fresh vegetables and any flavor of our house made hummus you’d like.
Each box/tray will include a surprise treat or house made goodies.
Some house made goodies include: our seasonal jams, Chef’s favorite chocolate of the season, Chef’s Farmer’s market finds, specialty cheese of the week!

What kind of cheeses do you use?

We generally use Domestic cheeses, i.e. Manchego, Brie and Goat Cheese. We are happy to offer upgrades to International cheese for any box, tray or table.

What if I have a food sensitivity or other dietary restriction?

No worries! We can handle allergies and food sensitivities. For example, we can substitute any cheese for extra fruit or charcuterie. You can substitute nuts for chocolate! Please be advised we are NOT a nut-free kitchen and as much as we try, we cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination. Gluten free crackers are also available upon request. Please let us know of any allergies when you place your order.

How long can my box/tray stay out unrefrigerated?

Our cheese + charcuterie boxes/trays should be refrigerated until about one hour before serving. Veggies + Hummus boxes/trays should be refrigerated until ready to serve. If you plan enjoy your box/tray next day please keep them refrigerated.

What hummus flavors are available for the veggies and hummus boxes?

Our house hummus is seasonal. Current flavors include: classic hummus, lemon + garlic, pomegranate + beetroot, turmeric + curry, avocado + lime.

Where do your ingredients come from?

We source all products locally. Mostly from local farmers markets and Underwood Farms.

Can I come and visit you?

We are so sorry. We don’t have a brick and mortar yet! One day soon!

How many days in advance should I place my order for boxes or trays?

We recommend placing your order at the minimum 48 hours in advance.

What if I need a full table spread? How do I order that type of grazing experience?

Grazing experiences and table spreads art custom and require a custom quote. Please reach out to us via email and we can schedule a call to talk about what beautiful tablescape we can curate for your special event. Ideally a minimum of 30 days for these type of events. We can accommodate an expedited timetable in certain circumstances.