I’m Nekia. Curator of all your communal food experiences.

Food for me is more than just a beautifully plated, skillfully executed meal. It’s about what happens when people from all walks of life gather around a table and graze communally. I facilitate communal food experiences by creating delicious tablescapes for people to gather together.



We source all ingredients locally to ensure the best quality for every product we produce


We take pride in ensuring that every product and its packaging is cruelty free. good for the body and the earth


We always look to create a beautiful gathering and grazing experience for all our clients and their guests

Services Offered

Whether you need grazing for you, 2 or many we offer a variety of services that will fit your needs.

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A La Carte

Purchase Coffee A La Carte for the Autry Pop Up

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“Looking for a show stopping grazing table of carefully curated fare? Then you’re looking for the grazing table experience.”

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Private Dining

Looking for a Chef to create a communal dining experience for 30 people or less? Then you’re looking for a small private dining experience.

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Weekly Meal
Prep Delivery

Looking for a Chef who can tailor meals to your specific dietary needs on a weekly basis? Then you’re looking for a weekly meal delivery experience.

The most amazing personal dining experience ever!!! It was a first, but definitely not the last!!!